We Tip Bully Hotline Encourages Scholars to Look Out for Each Other - article thumnail image

We Tip Bully Hotline Encourages Scholars to Look Out for Each Other

Irvine needs you to SPEAK UP. No SILENT Bystanders at IRVINE! If you see it, REPORT it! Please use the link provided to report Bullying or Dangerous Behavior. Your identity will stay anonymous!
Distinguished School Announcement - article thumnail image

Irvine Intermediate Recognized As a 2021 California Distinguished School

Irvine intermediate was recognized as 2021 California Distinguished Schools in an announcement by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond on March 18. Irvine Intermediate school was among only 11 schools in Orange County and just ove…
Irvine Named Honor Roll School for 2019-2020 Year - article thumnail image

Irvine Named Honor Roll School again for 2019-2020 Year

Irvine Intermediate is being recognized as a leader in student achievement. Irvine Intermediate is featured on ERP’s website where educators and policymakers can seek out high-performing schools so that they can replicate success. You can view our Ho…
Irvine Promotes Safety and Peace - article thumnail image

Irvine Promotes Safety and Peace

School Safety is important at Irvine Intermediate School. Recently, Irvine's school counselor, Mrs. Santacruz, and several teachers led Irvine students in an activity to allow them a chance to express what makes them feel safe at school. The peace pr…
Engaged Students Participate in Enriching Opportunities - article thumnail image

Engaged Students Participate in Enriching Opportunities

The scholars at Irvine Intermediate School have been busy engaging in after school classes that are offered by the Boys & Girls Club of Garden Grove and Brainstorm. The students are able to take classes that offer opportunities to learn about rob…
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Irvine Students are Going FAR!

Irvine Intermediate School students participated in a “Student Professional Development Day” dedicated to strengthening and deepening students’ scholarly habits and motivation. Students learned about our district’s FAR model, to Focus, A ct, and R ef…

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

On behalf of the teachers, staff, and administrative team, I would like to welcome each of you to the Irvine Intermediate School community. In addition to maintaining a safe, positive, and orderly learning environment, our district and school goals are aligned to support and provide opportunities for all students to find academic success.

Intermediate school is a very important time in a student’s educational journey, because it is when the academic and personal skills developed in elementary school are honed and practiced to build a solid foundation for lifelong success. Intermediate School is a time when students are challenged to learn, think, read, write, and perform at higher levels in all classes.  Also, with the reliance on technology in the 21st century, students will be instructed how to meaningfully use technology to assist their ability to make   meaning and show their understanding of what they are learning.  Additionally, students will be expected to interact with more complex text, to think critically, and to solve problems in a variety of ways to show, demonstrate, and apply their understanding of the state standards. To assist students along the way, the Irvine Staff will also work hard to teach and support them in mastering these rigorous standards and with developing the necessary scholarly habits that will contribute to their success while at Irvine and in the years ahead.

With that in mind, we believe with consistent effort, hard work, and determination all students can be successful.  We expect that as responsible students, they will attend school regularly, be on time for all of their classes, do quality work on all assignments and homework, and have respect for one another and for adults at our school. If students ever need assistance, it is available from teachers and staff before, during, and after school, and during our afterschool intervention programs. Support classes are also available for our students during the school day depending on their needs.

At Irvine, we believe an integral part of providing our students with the best educational experience possible is through open communication between the school and home, and with the direct involvement of parents/guardians in their child’s education.  In order to assist parents with staying informed and involved, all parents/guardians should check grades regularly with the Parent Portal account.  Parents can also email teachers with questions regarding their child’s progress.  If you need assistance with your Parent Portal account, please contact the school office and we can help you get connected.

Lastly, rest assured that your child’s education is in excellent hands of highly trained staff who are professional, caring, hard-working, and dedicated to providing outstanding education to all students. educational staff, as they actively participate in acquiring those skills to be successful at Irvine, in high school, and in college and careers.

Thank you for entrusting your child with us and please contact the school office if you are ever in need of assistance.  We are happy to help.

Mr. Michael Kennedy, Principal

Our School

Irvine Intermediate School is at the forefront of instructional technology. Daily, students are using technology to learn 21st century skills they can use throughout the educational careers. Our technology device to student ration exceeds 1:1.  Students have the opportunity to learn on a variety of technology platforms.  For example our students can proficiently move from one platform to another depending on whether they are using an iPad or Chromebook.

Over the past 3 years our spelling bee team has performed very well at the district and county level.

We offer Boys and Girls Club every day after school, Fun Friday classes in areas like Robotics, Rocketry, Cooking, and Photography. We also over after academic support in all subjects. We have an intramural program in which students can participate in sports after school 2 days a week.

We offer 3 wonderful parent education opportunities for our parents during the school year.

  • 40 developmental Assets
  • 10 Educational Commandments
  • Common Sense Parenting

Parents are also encouraged to actively support their child by using the Parental Portal to check grades and email teachers.  Parents are also encourage to support their child by attending performances and by attending parent information nights like our A-G that is an annual program designed to support parents and students transition to high school.

  • Parents of English Learners are contacted and encouraged to attend our quarterly English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) meetings.
  • Parents are notified and encouraged to participate in district and school site advisory groups and task forces.
  • We have 2 community liaison (Spanish & Vietnamese) who are available from 8:00-11:30 every day to support parents.