General Information/School Policy


Aeries Parent Portal – The Aeries Parent Portal, which parents may access via internet connection (smart phone, tablet, or computer) allows parents to view student grades, progress towards grades (including missed assignments) and absences. Parents may also change personal information and complete registration tasks. Once activated, the Parent Portal remains active until the completion of 12thgrade. Student Portal accounts are also strongly encouraged. See School Office for information about how to set up your Aeries Parent Portal account.

Student Agenda Book - Each student receives an Agenda Book. This includes resources for each subject area, a school map, school rules, & copy of the school compact. Students are required to write assignments for each class daily. If lost, a student must purchase a new Student Agenda Book in the office for $5.00 within three days.

Closed Campus - Irvine Intermediate School is a closed campus.  Therefore; once students arrive at school, they may not leave without proper authorization from the office until the end of the school day. All visitors must check-in at the office or will be asked to leave. Failure to comply may result in arrest.

Arrival/Departure Times – Staff supervision of the school grounds does not begin until 8:10 a.m. (9:10 a.m. on Late Start Days). Therefore; it is recommended that students do not arrive at school before this time unless they’re eating breakfast(served from 7:45-8:15 a.m. & 8:45-9:15 a.m. on Late Start. After school, students are required to leave campus immediately unless attending tutoring, intervention, detention, or the Boys & Girls Clubs.

Office Telephone - The office telephone may be used by students for emergency use.

Messages to Students during the School Day - Every effort will be made to give messages from parents to students. However; we ask that you request a message be given only if there is an emergency.

Verification of Absence - All absences must be verified by parent/guardian by phone or in writing.

Tardiness -Tardiness is being late to class. An unexcused tardy to 1st period of 30 minutes or more will be recorded as truancy.

Excuses from Physical Education - When students are to be excused/limited from active physical education for up to three days, they must have a written excuse from parent/ guardian; if more than three days, a doctor’s note is required. Students excused from active P.E. will report to class, show their note & complete a P.E. assignment.

Medication Taken at School – Students are not allowed to possess or take any type of medication at school unless it is accompanied by written, approved instructions from the doctor and a note from the parent/guardian.  Office staff will dispense authorized medication to students only. Parents are to contact the school office for forms and instructions/protocol.

Withdrawal or Transfer – Parents should contact the office immediately if student is withdrawing or transferring. The office staff will guide you through checkout process. Students are required to return all textbooks, musical instruments, library books, & pay any outstanding fines before leaving.

Change of Address - If students move or get a new phone number please notify the office immediately.  It is important that parents can be reached promptly in an emergency.


Maintaining and providing a safe, positive learning environment is a top priority. Irvine Students are expected to show respect to everyone. Students are also expected to complete all work, see their teachers for (& complete) all make-up assignments/tests when absent, follow school and class rules, demonstrate scholarly habits and maintain academic integrity every day.

Students are not permitted to:

  • Use, sell, distribute, be in possession of, and/or under the influence of any unsafe drug/ narcotic, tobacco and/or alcohol
  • Use, sell, distribute, or be in possession of drug paraphernalia/tobacco product (i.e.-Vape pen)
  • Deface or steal property (school, personal, or private property)
  • Bully (inclusive of cyber-bullying), fight, harass, threaten, or disgrace another student, watch or film a fight OR post a fight online,rough house(i.e.-excessive physical play)
  • Gamble on campus
  • Display intolerance of others based on gender, appearance, religion, sexual orientation, or race
  • Dress inappropriately
  • Have visible tattoos or writing on their body
  • Use profane or vulgar language
  • Take pictures at school (yearbook staff excluded)
  • Disrupt the learning environment
  • Be truant/ditch or habitually tardy
  • Possess or use explosive devices
  • Possess or furnish any dangerous object or look-alike-dangerous-objects.

All of the above are subject to detention, suspension, and/or further consequences.

Students are not to have the following at school:

  • Personal property such as, but not limited to, tablets/I-Pads,I-Pods, cameras,  game systems.
  • Food or drinks in the classroom. NO GUM!
  • Water toys, water balloons, squirt bottles, etc.
  • Laser pointers or shocking devices
  • Stuffed animals or blankets
  • Aerosol deodorant, glass bottles/perfume
  • Permanent markers, whiteout/correction fluid
  • Any item deemed by administration to be inappropriate for school.

All of the item(s) listed above will be confiscated and detention will be assigned. The electronic items will be returned to a parent/guardian only.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones at school are for emergencies only. Cell phones must be turned off and put away before, during, and after school while on campus. If cell phone is on and/or being used at school, student will be subject to consequences and the cell phone will be confiscated and ONLY returned to the Parent/Guardian at school.

Dress Code

If a student wears inappropriate clothing to school, the student will be referred to the office to change into (loaner) P.E. clothes and will be assigned detention. Please be aware of what your student purchases for/wears to school. Repeated offenses could result in parent conference/suspension.

Students may “NOT” wear the following:

  • Items of clothing which depict, imply, or promote the illegal, immoral or the obscene, specifically items which refer to gangs, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex or have obscenities.
  • Any clothes/items disruptive to a classroom.
  • Midriff tops and blouses or tops/dresses (straps must be 1 inch wide) that are cut in a manner as to be revealing.
  • Shorts(for boys) that come to mid-calf or below.
  • Short shorts (for girls) that are revealing.
  • Hats/caps, hair nets, bandanas, headbands, hoods, gloves, or hair that’s a class disruption.
  • Dangling belts and/or initial belt buckles.
  • Baggy clothing, including oversized shirts and/or pants. (Pants are to be worn at waist level).
  • Flip flops/sandals, slippers, open-toed/open backed shoes.
  • Articles of clothing or ornaments that can be considered dangerous including large hoop earrings, pointed earrings.
  • NO PIERCINGS may be worn in any body part (except ears) at school.
  • No ankle ties and No sports jerseys.

Eligibility for Campus Activities – To engage in activities at school, and/or hold office (in ASB, HR, or NJHS), students must practice academic integrity, follow school rules and conduct themselves in an orderly manner, be respectful to adults and considerate of others. They must also maintain a quarterly grade point average of 2.0 or above.

SUSPENSION and/or Loss of School Privileges Any student who receives a suspension (Class Suspension, In-house, or Off-campus) may not participate in any extracurricular activity (Dance, Talent Show, etc.) for that entire quarter. Multiple suspensions will lead to loss of school privileges. Please be aware that the consequence “loss of school privileges” means students could be subject to losing all school privileges, including participating in all afterschool activities, clubs/ASB, etc. for the semester, and/or school year. For 8th graders, this could include the loss of the privilege to participate in the End-of-the-Year 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony.

Off Campus Suspension

Rule – If student is suspended off campus, they must remain home the day of suspension. They may not be on/around any GGUSD campus, including Irvine, before/during/after school that day.

Consequences – Student/Parent Conference and additional days of suspension assigned.


Rule – Students will serve all detentions.

Consequences – No show for detention will result in additional detentions assigned; if student persists in not showing for detentions, parent conference and suspension may occur as needed.

Following Teacher, Class, and Schools Rules

Rule - Students are to follow all teacher, school, classroom rules (No insubordination or defiance).

Consequence -Teachers will assign appropriate discipline; contact with parents may be made.  If the behavior continues, the student may be referred to the administrator for detention or suspension. If insubordination and/or defiance is severe and/or repeated, the student may be suspended from school and a referral to GGUSD Discipline Committee may be made.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Chemicals

Rule - Students are not to use, sell, distribute, be in possession of, and/or under the influence of any unsafe drug/narcotic, chemical and/or alcohol

Consequence - Any Irvine student who is in possession of, uses, sells, distributes, or is under the influence of any unauthorized and/or illegal drug, alcohol, pharmaceutical not prescribed by their physician, or any other substance that is intoxicating or that alters mood or perception may be subject to suspension and/or a referral the GGUSD Discipline Committee for possible removal from Irvine or expulsion from the school district, and/or may be referred to Police for arrest.

Possession of Tobacco, Tobacco Products, and/or Drug Paraphernalia

Rule - Students are not allowed to use, sell, distribute, or be in possession of to tobacco, nicotine, drug paraphernalia (pipes, vape pens/e-cigarettes, etc.) and/or tobacco products (lighter, etc.) on campus or traveling to/from campus.

Consequence – Referral to administrator for detention and/or suspension from school, and parent contact/conference. If repeated, the student may be referred to GGUSD District Discipline Committee for possible removal from Irvine.


Rule - Students are not to take, or be in possession of anything that is stolen(doesn’t belong to them).

Consequence – Student referred to administrator. Parent contacted.  Detention and/or suspension may be assigned, a referral to the GGUSD Discipline Committee may be made and/or police may be contacted (possible arrest).


Rule - Students are not harass, Bullying/Cyber-bully anyone.

Consequence - Any student that harasses another student is subject to a suspension and loss of ALL school privileges. Excessive and/or severe bullying/harassment (inclusive of cyber-bullying) may result in referral to the GGUSD Discipline Committee for possible removal from Irvine or expulsion from the school district, and/or referral to Police for possible arrest.

Threats and Fighting

Rule - Students are not to foment a fight, threaten another student, or fight with another student on campus and/or on the way to or from school or during any school function Additionally, students are not to watch a fight, film a fight, or text/post a fight online.

Consequence - Depending on the nature of the infraction, the student may be warned, assigned detention or suspended from school.  Suspensions will follow the course of 1-2 day off campus suspension for the first infraction and increase in the number of days for subsequent infractions. Parent conference will be held. This general approach will not be applied if the fight is of a serious nature; if the infractions continue (and/or are severe), a referral to the GGUSD Discipline Committee and/or a referral to police (for possible arrest) may be made.

Willful Damage of School Property

Rule - Students are not to deface or damage school, personal, or private property.

Consequence - Any person, who willfully cuts, defaces, paints, or otherwise damages school, personal, or private property may be subject to suspension and/or a referral the Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD) Discipline Committee for possible removal from Irvine or expulsion from the school district, and/or referred to Police for arrest.

Weapons, Explosive Devices, & Dangerous (and look-alike) Objects

Rule - Weapons, explosive devices, dangerous objects and/or any “look-a-like weapons/dangerous objects” are prohibited on campus or in a student’s possession to or from school.

Consequence – Students in possession of weapons, explosive devices, dangerous objects and/or any “look-a-like weapons/dangerous objects” will be suspended from school and a parent conference will be held. Additionally, Police may be contacted and arrest will be determined.  Referral to GGUSD Discipline Committee may also be made for possible removal from Irvine or expulsion from the school district.

Academic Integrity and Cheating

Rule- Students are expected to maintain academic integrity every day  & do their own work.

Consequences – Cheating/Plagiarism on classwork and/or homework will result in:

First Offense – zero on the assignment and a teacher consequence.

2nd Offense – Referral to the Assistant Principal, parents notified and possible detention and/or suspension

Cheating is a violation of academic integrity & could result in removal from office (ASB, NJHS)

Rule - Students are also expected to take a test and/or complete a project on their own.

Consequences – Cheating on a project or test will result in a zero on that assignment. Teacher will send a referral to Assistant Principal, parents will be notified and student is subject to possible detention, suspension, and/or loss of school privileges.

General Rules

Rules - Students are not to be on another school campus.

Consequence – Referral to Assistant Principal. If there is no other infraction and student did not get into trouble on the other campus, the student is warned. If repeated, student is assigned detention (or possible suspension, and parent is contacted).

Rule - Students are not to bring items to school or possess such items which will interfere with the educational process. This includes, but is not limited to, aerosol sprays, perfume, poppers, smoke bombs, water balloons, shaving cream, squirt guns, etc.

Consequence - Items are confiscated. Referral to Assistant Principal for suspension and parent conference. Depending on the severity, possible contact with police and possible referral to GGUSD Discipline Committee.

Rules - Students are not to bring gum or sunflower seeds to school.

Consequence - Items are confiscated. Students put chewed items in trash cans. Repeated offenses are referred to Assistant Principal for detention and/or suspension and parent contact.


Rule - Students shall attend school regularly.

Consequence - Attendance clerk will track attendance and notify the Assistant Principal of irregular attendance; parents will be contacted; detentions assigned; SARB filed if necessary. If a student is truant, the student will be assigned detention for every hour of missed school and will possibly be referred to SARB and the Truancy Reduction Center.

Rule - Students will be on time to each class.

Consequence – Tardies are handled as follows:

Tardy 1 & 2: Teacher will provide appropriate discipline and contact parents. Tardy 3 & beyond:  referred to Assistant Principal for assignment of detentions, parent notification and conferences as needed.


Rule – Students who ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters are to park and lock them in the area provided.  Bikes, skateboards, and scooters are not to be ridden on campus and/or in campus parking lots at any time. Students must have their own lock and safety helmets must be worn while riding bike.

Consequence – Any violation of the above and the bike/skateboard/scooter will be confiscated, possible detention, and only parent may pick it up.

Lost/Damaged Textbooks, Chromebooks, & Other Materials

Rule - Students are responsible for all textbooks, Chromebooks, library books, and other materials issued to them.  Consequence - Payment will be required for all missing and damaged materials.  Chromebooks and some textbooks cost over $65.00. Unpaid fines could result in loss of privileges, including 8th grade commencement.